Hong Kong government proposes lower extra pilotage fees

Time:2009-12-08 Browse:53 Author:RISINGSUN

THE Hong Kong SAR government has gazetted the Pilotage (Dues) (Amendment) Order 2009 that seeks to lower the additional pilotage dues charged when a pilot is required to board or disembark from a ship off Ngan Chau or the west of Lamma Island, from HK$1,900 (US$245) to HK$1,820 for a period of 18 months.
The Order will be tabled at the Legislative Council on Wednesday, December 9.
"Pilotage dues are commercial fees charged by licensed pilots for the provision of pilotage services," a Transport and Housing Bureau spokesman said in an official release.
"The fee levels are periodically reviewed by the Hong Kong Liner Shipping Association, representing the service users, and the Hong Kong Pilots Association, representing the service providers. The proposed reduction in pilotage dues has been agreed between the two parties and endorsed by the Pilotage Advisory Committee."
The Pilotage Ordinance (Cap. 84) empowers the Pilotage Authority, namely the Director of Marine, to set the amount of pilotage dues by order published in the gazette after consultation with the Pilotage Advisory Committee.