Rate hikes from US east and Gulf coast to South America

Time:2009-12-08 Browse:57 Author:RISINGSUN

SOUTHBOUND shipments from the US east and Gulf coasts will cost more in 2010, with the West Coast South America Discussion Agreement (WCSADA) announcing four staggered rate increases of US$350 per TEU and $500 per FEU on January 18, April 1, July 1 and October 1.
On the same dates, trade from US east and Gulf coast to Colombia`s east coast will see a rate hike of $200 per TEU and $400 per FEU and $9/cubic metre for less-than-container load cargo. Northbound shipments from South America`s west coast will be subject to a $500 per TEU rate hike, dates for which have not been specified.
"The increases are necessary in assisting carriers bringing rates back to compensatory levels and offset the significant cost increases that they expect will continue in 2010," said the WCSADA.
WCSADA members are APL, CCNI, CSAV-Chilean Line, Ecuadorian Line-South Pacific, Hamburg Sud, Maersk Line, MSC, Seaboard Marine and Trinity Shipping.