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Dalian Headquarter

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Tianjin Branch

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Qingdao Branch

Tel:+86 532 86678750
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Shenyang Branch

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NVOCC (CN) : MOC – NV04690
FMC (US) : 027488
WCA : 55279
ISO9001:2008 Approved
GCP Member : 109851
Registered in China

Established in 1999, RISINGSUN Logistics is a private-owned, founded by a professional and ambitious pioneer, Mr. Xuguang Gong, in the beautiful Northeastern seaside city, Dalian. Located at one of the busiest seaports in North China and started in the golden economic booming years in the early 2000s, RISINGSUN has been experiencing rapid growth and became one of the leading logistics companies in Northern China.

As a modern logistics company, RISINGSUN values the core missions on the employees and customers, which are reliability and responsibility. The advanced organizational structure creates a strong culture providing pleasant working environments and friendly interpersonal relationship. Strong bonded teams run by over 150 employees in the five central locations: Dalian (Headquarter), Tianjin, Qingdao, Shenyang, and Boston (U.S.A) have made significant achievements year by year.

Annual 15%+ increase in import and export performances enhances its leading position on booking, warehousing, inland-trucking, airfreight, railway, and customs clearance. Devoted to the traditional and technological logistics transition, RISINGSUN has been the direct booking agent for all the shipping companies. Catching up with the up-to-date online booking system and programs, RISINGSUN has remarkably accomplished the booking of 20,000 shipments with 70,000+ teus in 2019. The instant quotation system, efficient customer service and documentary, skilled warehouse onsite inspection, accurate cargo tracing program, and effective feedback have served thousands of customers on the FCL and LCL shipments, airfreight, breakbulk project items, international supply-chain, and bulk vessel charter.

Moreover, the reliable insurance programs covered by PICC exclusively provide a wide range of securities on our shipments, which distinct RISINGSUN from one another.