To solve highway trucking overweigh problems, a new trend, the railway has become more and more popular in China. Risingsun keeps following government policies and positively engaged in the promotion of railway transportation. For the inquiry and routes details, welcome to connect our specialists as below:

Business contact:
David Cui

M.P.: +86 15842613195

Mail: davidcui@rslg.cn

Ginny Li

M.P.: +86 18640826866

Mail: ginnyli@rslg.cn

Bob Liu

M.P.: +86 15942640806

Mail: liujiaquan@rslg.cn

Lily Hu

M.P.: +86 15140567862

Mail: bookingunion@bookunion.cn

Lee Teng

M.P.: +86 13084108755

Mail: lee@bookunion.cn