Matson to raise rates and terminal handling charges

Time:2009-11-30 Browse:74 Author:RISINGSUN

MATSON Navigation Company has announced plans to increase freight rates on its Hawaii service by US$120 per westbound container and $60 per eastbound container from January 3.
The company estimates that this increase will raise rates by an average of 3.8 per cent.
"This rate increase will help offset rises in operating costs and support ongoing investments in our Hawaii service," said company vice president Dave Hoppes.
"While Matson recognises this is a difficult time economically, this rate adjustment is consistent with our longstanding philosophy of implementing modest, incremental increases as necessary to maintain the highest level of service to our customers."
In addition, Matson will raise its terminal handling charge by $125 per westbound container and $60 per eastbound container, also effective January 3, a statement from the carrier said.
"Terminal handling costs comprise over 40 per cent of Matson`s operating costs," said Mr Hoppes. "Matson continues to absorb most of the costs associated with terminal operations, the majority of which are driven by factors that are outside of our control, but needs to pass on some of the expenses to our customers."