ISO introduces new standards for ship recycling

Time:2009-11-18 Browse:66 Author:RISINGSUN

ISO 30000, which provides specifications for ship recycling management systems is now being implemented through the use of independent third party certification.
Charles Piersall, chairman of the International Organisation of Standardisation (ISO) committee responsible for the new rules, says they will provide greater adherence to internationally recognised practices.
The new standard provides guidance for accreditation of certification bodies applying for ISO 30000 certification or registration, defines specifications for the audit and certification of a ship recycling management.
It also provides information on the rules the certification of waste and material handling companies has been granted.
Work is also under way to review several other related standards, including the best practice for recycling facilities, guidelines for selection of ship recyclers, guidelines for implementing ISO 3000, information control for hazardous materials in shipbuilding and ship operations and guidelines on surveying.