China`s box volume down 10pc in first seven months

Time:2009-09-09 Browse:67 Author:RISINGSUN

CHINESE ports recorded a container throughput of 66.7 million TEU during the period from January to July, down 9.9 per cent year on year, Xinhua reported.
Aggregate throughput tonnage increased 3.9 per cent to 3.9 billion tonnes.
Seaport throughput fell 9.6 per cent to 60.2 million TEU, cargo tonnage rose 3.5 per cent to 2.7 billion tonnes. River port volume dropped 12.7 per cent to 6.5 million TEU, but overall tonnage increased 5.1 per cent to 1.2 billion tonnes.
In July, Chinese ports handled 10.6 million TEU with an overall volume of 610 million tonnes. Seaports recorded 9.5 million TEU in container throughput and 420 million tonnes in cargo tonnage. River ports accounted for one million TEU and 190 million tonnes overall.