Shanghai locally generated foreign trade up 6pc in July over June

Time:2009-08-31 Browse:60 Author:RISINGSUN

THE value of Shanghai`s local foreign trade cargo in July fell 19.6 per cent, but rose 6.3 per cent over June to US$25 billion, which is the new high since November last year, Logistics Week reported.
Export value fell 24 per cent to $12.2 billion, but increasing 7.8 per cent over the prior month. Import value dropped 14.8 per cent year on year but rose 4.9 per cent month on month to $12.8 billion.
During the first seven months, Shanghai`s local trade cargo value came to $145.5 billion, down 22.9 per cent year on year. Export value dropped 22.6 per cent to $74.8 billion. Imports decreased 23.2 per cent to $70.8 billion.
In July, the city`s local trade cargo and transshipments valued a total of $46.9 billion, down 20.2 per cent year on year, up 8.7 per cent month on month.
Export value rose 12 per cent over June to $29 billion. Import value increased 3.5 per cent month on month to $17.9 billion.
From January to July, Shanghai`s local trade cargo and transshipment value fell 23 per cent to $273.1 billion. Export value dropped 23.4 per cent to $172.8 billion. Import value fell 22.6 per cent to $100.3 billion.