Three more customs men busted in bribery at Chennai Airport

Time:2009-12-02 Browse:68 Author:RISINGSUN

OFFICERS from India`s Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) have arrested three more customs men - two superintendents and one preventive officer - working in the Unclaimed Baggage Unit of the Air Cargo Complex at Chennai Airport in connection with an alleged bribery case.
Around INR15 lakh (US$30,339) was reported to be "recovered" from them.
The latest arrests were based on the confession of a broker-agent named Kumar, who was under CBI custody, reports India`s Express News Service.
It said the latest detainments are believed to be directly connected to the earlier arrests of nine customs officers in a raid last month by CBI officers at the same the facility for allegedly taking bribes from passengers for clearing unaccompanied baggage. The earlier raid netted INR17 lakh (US$36,621) and jewels worth INR25 lakh from the suspects.
The report said CBI officers also raided the their homes, as well as those already arrested in an earlier raid.