Israel`s kibbutz, moshav carrier CAL Cargo Airlines joins Cargo 2000

Time:2009-08-19 Browse:90 Author:RISINGSUN

ISRAEL`s CAL Cargo Airlines is the latest airline to join Cargo 2000`s quality management system, the company announced.
Founded in 1976, the airline is owned by the Nir Shitufi agricultural cooperative that represents the Israeli kibbutzim and moshavim, two types of collective and traditionally agricultural settlements unique to Israel.
CAL carries 75,000 tons of cargo annually, exporting goods from Israel ranging from fresh agricultural produce and industrial materials, and importing heavy machinery, automobiles, sensitive and sophisticated industrial and scientific equipment, livestock and hazardous materials from all over the world.
The airline owns and operates two Boeing 747-200F aircraft, each with a capacity of over 110 tons. These operate scheduled services seven times a week from Tel Aviv to Liege as well as a twice-weekly transatlantic route from Liege to New York.
"Our goal as a company is to consistently improve," said CAL president Isaac Tobaly. "We have decided to implement the Cargo 2000 quality management system to improve our processes and information flow and to emphasise our commitment to the highest possible levels of customer service."