CMA CGM, Maersk, MSC to merge on transpacific mid-September

Time:2009-08-11 Browse:77 Author:RISINGSUN

CMA CGM, Maersk and MSC will reorganise their Asia to US west coast services by merging their central and northern loops on September 16, consequently dropping the Yangzi loop after its last sailing September 7.
"The suspension of the Yangzi service and the extension of the Bohai Rim (RIM) service comes as an adjustment of existing capacity, said CMA CGM`s North America vice president Jean-Philippe Thenoz. "This rationalisation will strengthen our China coverage and fully respond to customer needs and market dynamics."
Five 8,100-TEU ships will be deployed on the Bohai Rim Service, one from CMA CGM, two from Maersk and two from MSC, to provide a weekly service to China and the US.
The port rotation will be: Dalian, Xingang, Shanghai (Wai Gao Qiao and Yangshan), Ningbo, Los Angeles, Oakland and back to Dalian.
The service will no longer stop at Hong Kong, Shenzhen (Yantian), Kaohsiung and Qingdao, but will be covered in the three carriers on other loops.
The Maersk loop, Trans-Pacific 2 (TP2) will be replaced by other strings with further adjustments heralded on the strings TP5, TP8 to retain the eastbound scope of TP2 loop with its westbound covered by strings TP6, TP5 and TP7, reported Newark`s Journal of Commerce.